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Alleve Animal Hospital: Complete veterinary services for your four-legged family members.
Alleve Animal Hospital: Complete veterinary services for your four-legged family members.
Alleve Animal Hospital: Services.

Vaccinations are essential to ensuring your pet's health and protecting him/her from potentially deadly diseases. State law requires canines to be vaccinated against rabies to prevent potential transmission to humans.
Depending on your pet's lifestyle, it may be at risk of exposure to many diseases such as rabies, parvovirus, bordatella, and corona virus. Be sure to protect your loved one and have him/her vaccinated!

Spays and Neuters
The overpopulation of pets is a serious concern today in the United States, and many diseases such as mammary gland tumors, testicular cancers, and prostate problems can be prevented. You can help this by spaying or neutering your pet. These procedures are elective, and are thus much more costly than more mandatory surgical procedures. Additionally, these procedures reduce the hormones in the pet's body, and almost always reduce many instinctual behaviors such as marking or aggressive behavior.
The procedure should be done within the first 6 or 7 months of your pet's life, so get your pet spayed or neutered soon!

Puppy & Kitten Packages
We all love bringing an adorable puppy or kitten into the family; however, they must also be brought to the vet for a round of vaccines and deworming, since exposure to diseases at such a young age can be very dangerous. The vet bill tends to stack up during the first few months of the pet's life, which is why Alleve offers comprehensive puppy & kitten packages to make keeping the young pet healthy more affordable.
Our packages include the entire vaccine series for your puppy or kitten. Your pet will need to visit the clinic 3-4 times in order to complete the series of vaccines, exam, deworming, discounts on spay and neutering, and discounts on heartworm medication. Please call Alleve for more information about our Puppy & Kitten Packages.

At Alleve Animal Hospital, we understand that a pet becomes a part of the family, and losing such a loved one is devastating. This is why we offer pet microchipping, which involves the injection of a microchip under the skin between the front shoulder blades. The microchips are used through Home Again©: a company that offers a comprehensive set of services to help you find your lost loved one. Each microchip has an identification number which is linked to the owner's personal information, which can allow shelters and animal hospitals to contact you if your pet is found. Please visit for more information on HomeAgain©.

Dental Cleaning
Recent research shows that proper dental care is one of the most effective ways to add years of good health to your pet's life. Like people, pets can develop disease such as endocarditis (heart valve infection) from dental infections, and can also cause infections in humans. Also, much like humans, dental infections in animals hurt them and make them uncomfortable.
Some pet owners may train their pet(s) to allow their teeth to be brushed regularly, or even enjoy it; however, this is not the case most of the time. Bring your pet in for an exam and dental cleaning regularly to ensure that he/she remains happy for years to come!

Digital Radiology
The technology involving x-rays has changed dramatically over the course of the last few years, and digital radiographs are now extremely detailed and can provide great insight into any structural problems with your pet, allowing for a clearer and more effective diagnosis. Digital x-rays may also be stored on a CD for your records if you so chose.